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"The Stache" Mustache Wax - 1 oz/28g

"The Stache" Mustache Wax - 1 oz/28g

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Mustache Wax


REUZEL® Mustache Wax is perfect for any style. Whether you like your mustache groomed and combed, or prefer a more eccentric style, our versatile formula allows you to create your signature mustache style. Beeswax based formula offers a strong hold, while leaving your mustache with a low shine, natural finish.


Our signature high-hold mustache wax has many reasons why it’s the best. Its bragging points include: 

  • Shapes & tames coarse hair
  • Ideal for handlebar mustaches
  • Emulsifies easily for comfortable application
  • Light fragrance of orange peel and spearmint


Use the back of a fingernail to scoop out a small amount of mustache wax and emulsify between the thumbs and forefingers of each hand. You’ll need to give the mustache shaping wax a good rub between your fingers to get it melted and ready to apply. For the perfectly styled ‘stache, apply the wax by starting from the center and working your way outwards, twisting the mustache between the thumbs and forefingers.


  • The best time to start styling your mustache is when the hairs have become long enough to comb to the side, instead of just sticking straight out.
  • Make sure your mustache hairs are completely dry before applying the wax. It allows for a smoother finish and easier styling experience.
  • Blow dry your mustache into shape using our Beard Foam, and enhance the look by finishing with Mustache Wax.
  • Make sure to cleanse the mustache wax out of your ‘stache every night to avoid breakouts or unnecessary product buildup.

Blow dry mustache into shape using Beard Foam, and enhance the look by finishing with Mustache Wax.