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Collection: EVO HUEVERSE

Evo hue-verse is a complete range of ammonia-free permanent colour and demi-permanent gloss that provides out-of-this-world performance without compromise.

    • Liquid and Cream Colour Developers

Hue-verse cream and liquid developers are specifically formulated to provide maximum performance, condition and shine when used across the hue-verse and bottle blonde portfolios.


features + benefits

cream developers provide creamy and thick viscosity for superior adhesion
liquid developer provides quick and easy bottle application with epic shine
yellow chamomile + plant-derived glycerine improves condition and shine
cream: 6.5 vol (1.95%), 10 vol (3%), 20 vol (6%), 30 vol (9%), 40 vol (12%)
liquid: 6.5 vol (1.95%)
1000ml bottle


      • Permanent Color


    A full spectrum of 85 cream-based ammonia-free shades that provide complete coverage, controlled lightening and long-lasting results. The gentle formula and blend of natural ingredients preserves the integrity of the hair and scalp for vibrant colour with epic shine.


    features + benefits

    free from ammmonia, ppd and resorcinal
    complete white hair coverage
    vibrant, uniform and long-lasting colour
    up to 4 levels of lift
    unique viscosity for superior adhesion
    low level of allergen-free fragrance
    perfectly complemented by demi-permanent gloss shades
    100ml tube
    1:1.5 mixing ratio


        • Demi-permanent Gloss


      48 zero-lift, liquid shades that provide vibrant and even, tone-on-tone results. The acidic, ammonia-free formula and blend of natural ingredients preserves the integrity of the scalp, nourishes hair and provides out-of-this-world shine.


      features + benefits

      free from ammonia, ppd and resorcinol
      even and vibrant tone-on-tone results
      zero-lift, acidic formula doesn't break the base
      adjustable viscosity for easy brush or bottle application
      blends greys
      low levels of allergen-free fragrance
      perfectly complements permanent colour shades
      60ml bottle + 350ml clear
      1:1 mixing ratio



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