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Neu Cosmetics

Neu Cosmetics  is an established boutique-distribution company in the United Arab Emirates, established in 2013, fueled with the passion to introduce outstanding and dazzling beauty and cosmetics jewels to the Middle East.

We only focus on a small portfolio of products that we know WORKS and TRUST and that we can stand for in this fast moving and changing industry.

 We currently have a network of over 500 high-end salons across the UAE.

Our advantages;

  • We only focus on a small portfolio of selected beauty brands, giving the products the time and attention that they highly deserve. We care!
  • We are fueled with passion to introduce and market world class, outstanding cosmetic products.
  • We have a close and personal relationship with our clients.
  • We make regular visits to touch base and to understand their needs in terms of support and further development.
  • We value our clients market expertise and knowledge. We listen!
  • Fast decision-making process and prompt communication with our brands.
  • We respond fast to orders and quires. 
  • We provide extensive product training and education seminars.